Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 5 App Reviews

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Make another

This game is awesome and funny and cool I'd like to play another game please make another.😀

Great series!

Need a new Sam & Max fix!!!! make more games!! O.o

Best episode yet!

I have to say this is the funniest Sam and max game yet!

Cool game but ...

I'm a big fan and I love, love, love Sam and Max. Clever tie-ins to the other episodes in the series. Great game play. But what was up with all the satan, hell and curse words. Was not expecting that. It really made this last one a little hard to get through for me because the others were not like this. Don't get me wrong ... I like all the wise cracks but this was a little much.


Definitely the best of this series... Incredibly funny and irreverent, with tons of inside jokes for those that pay attention. A great finish with lots of "Ohhhh.... NOW I get it" moments that tie into the other episodes. Fantastic! Really hope for more from Telltale.

A nice ending

as season 2 concludes all i have to say to te first person is TURN THE "cencord" HINTS ON AND ALSO I WANTED TO BE FIRST and apple tt and purcell REMASTER SEASON 3 THE DEVILS PLAYHOUSE

I'm stuck

Fun, great looking but I'm stuck. Some game instructions would be nice.

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